Axir Solution
fast maintenance

Costs of maintenances, repairs and installation shall be considered as well as their effect on machine down time and non-direct costs

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Features & Benefits on Axir Solution

Less stringent alignment requirements

At slight mis-alignement Traditional coupling are already in performance crisis while Axir’s one are not significantly affected

Faster installation or exchange
Less manpower and expensive tooling required

Possibility to change only pins

Coupling design foresees double set of housings
So it is enough to quickly change pins to have a refurbished coupling, equal to new one

Very fast pins exchange (minutes)
Low pin cost
Double life means half or part cost

Option for fast exchange design

For number of applications and new installation, is available a specific design for quick exchange

Widely faster exchange
Widely less manpower and tools required
Adaptable and easy to keep ready in storage

Longer average life

As shown before, Axir’s coupling are expected to have significantly longer life span in “real world” conditions

Fewer interventions required
Fewer machine’s stops
Fewer parts to buy

Less unpredicted failures

Some misalignment are due to elastic deformation or permanent movements. These are not always known at time of installation and therefore not accounted for while sizing coupling

Axir solution is widely less sensitive to misalignments and therefore much less likely to fail in these cases

Avoid NON PLANNED production interruptions
Fewer parts required with relative part and exchange cost


All Axir couplings can be regenerated with new set of pins, without dismantling them from machine

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Coupling available also in an innovative version which allows fast exchange and standard interface

Option for fast exchange design


Simply remove the screws that secure the coupling between the flanges of the rigid hubs and the coupling is free to be extracted


Install a new coupling and secure it with crews between flanges and machine is ready to re-start

Fast exchange of entire coupling – few minutes

Standard interface flanges makes it easier to keep as spare part in stock, ready to use when needed

  • Reduce machine’s down times
  • Reduce maintenance direct costs
  • Reduce risks by having part available as spare
  • Reduce non direct costs in case of unpredicted failures